A New Recipe!

Hey guys how are you? Today we are cooking something it’s called (cue drum roll) badabada bum! The Pita Party yay! Okay. Lets jump straight into this but first here are two websites that give cool cooking¬†Cooking Tips

Here are even more This One Is Longer

Here is The Pita Party

Ingredients/tools JLS Photography – Alaska via CompfightBon Appetite!

  • pita bread

  • cream cheese

  • fig

  • rotisserie chicken

  • butter

  • pan

  • knife

  • cutting board


First get the pan out and lay it on stove. Place two pieces of pita bread on top. Put the temperature low. Once the pita bread turns brown, put it onto your plate. Then pull out your cutting board and the rotisserie chicken. Chop off a 3rd of one of chickens sides and place butter on the stove. Mmmm! Don’t you just love that sizzle. Next you are going to place the chicken inside the pan. After that, get your cream cheese and fig out. Are you ready spread the cream cheese on the pita bread? Spread the fig as well but not too much with the fig. It will over power the meal. Now you go back to the chicken and put on one of the pieces of pita bread. Tada! You have made a pita party yay.

Thank you for reading tell me what you think of the pita party. Thanks and keep cooking.


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