The Lion King Hero

Hey guys today we are going to be talking about heroes hope you enjoy!

Recently I got to watch The Lion King some of the heroes in the movie had characteristics these included bravery, cunning, and sympathy these are found in lots of heroes. But my hero has traits just like it and his name is Bill Gates. He is brave for trying new things and getting involved just like Simba being brave to go back to save his people. He is also cunning because when he is put in front of a problem he analyzes the problem and generates a solution which is like Scar he wanted to be king so to solve that problem he killed Mufasa and tricked Simba. Bill gates also is sympathetic because he helps other with there problems and try to generate an idea this happens with Nala when she has to convince Simba to come back she try to help him and relate and it pulls of! This is why I think Bill Gates is a good hero.

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Favorite Things :)

Hi everyone so today we are going to be talking about my favorite things to do and in the comments you will be telling me what your favorite things to do are so lets get started.


        One of my favorite stress relievers is fishing. Fishing by a lake is so relaxing! I look at the nature around me and suddenly I feel whole again. Also there is nothing else more thrilling than catching a fish the rush you feel when you get that tug on the fishing line. Any who that’s why I love fishing.Girls can fish Too

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          Another thing about fishing is there are so many kind of fish. Such as, Trout, Carp, trench catfish, Bass and many more if you want to find out what they are go Here.

Also when your fishing you have lots of time to ponder and wonder about anything that is one of my favorite things about fishing. There is also the fact that you can try different lures and baits me and my dad even make our own flies. find out what flies are here.

Thank you for reading be sure in the comments to tell me your favorite things to do and maybe I will give you a shout out in one of the blogs thanks and keep on cooking bye!


20% Update! Ah Yeah!

            Hey guys! How are you? I feel very good today. So remember my 20% project (you can find it here). Well, today is the day you get a 20% update!

        OK so me and my partner, Brady, have done a lot of great things so far. One of them is we have a mentor who taught 3rd grade which is the grade we are going to be teaching, so it will be great to have the experience. We also have resources. This makes me feel glad because I feel we have already done so much in our project. All we need to do now is to plan the lessons. We have contacted the principal and we are waiting for a response. This project has worked out pretty well.

Our December goals are preparing lessons for the kids and talking to our mentor. We are going to achieve these goals by emailing our mentor, and will be looking into lessons for all different subjects.

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Thank you for checking in. Have a good day, and a very merry holiday season. Bye and keep cooking.

How Christmas Came To Be!

Do you know how Christmas started? well if not stay here and find out so 


             is a christian holiday honoring the birth of Jesus  Christ and some of the things we do during this time are well you guessed it gift exchanging, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only thing we do during Christmas time. We also (in my opinion)  do a lot more service during this time of year. This is the time of year that you get together with friends and family.


                  Christmas is celebrated on the 25 of December it is told that a man named Santa will come to your house during the night and give you presents if you were nice this came from the bishop named Saint Clause and on all saints day he would give out presents this shows how saint-a-clause came to be saint and clause.



                         Some people go all out on food or go all out on decorations some carol and some watching a movie but all of us have traditions. did you know that in Sweden they celebrate by burning paper goats. Lots of us have different traditions and that is what makes Christmas different.

heres my resources Here and here

hi guys thanks for reading I hope you have a good holiday break until next time bye and keep cooking

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20% Fun!!!

Hey guys, this is Payson. Today we are talking about my project. For my project, me and my Partner Brady (here is his Blog) are going to be teaching 3rd graders who need some extra help. So, without further adieu, here’s my  Visual Aide. This will give you some background information.

This project has made me feel lots of different emotions. One of them is happiness. This makes me feel happy because I know I will be making a big difference in their lives. My second emotion is sadness I feel sad because these third graders need so much help but there teachers don’t have the time or care to mentor and teach them properly. My third emotion is excitement. I’m excited because we are going to change there lives. We are doing this project because we remember when we didn’t understand  but we got the help we needed and some schools don’t have the materials and care to help educate there students very well.

Some of our major goals are contacting schools getting supplies and talking to teachers about what the kids are struggling in. Our action plan is that we will be teaching by December 15th. Thanks for reading and keep cooking.

If I was the principal…

Hey guys How are you, today I am talking about SCHOOL yes yes school sorry about all the random posts lately are assignments are sometimes strange 🙂 here is a link to My School and here is my My County’s website

So first if I was a principal for a week I would make this week be a spirit week. I would make all of the spirit wear as ridiculous as possible there would be a contest for the most school spirit showing student. I would also call an assembly for a talent show for each day of the week. But I Guess that will never happen.

So how about a TEACHER um I would probably let my kids play educational games and board games if they had grades that were up to par. I would also let my kids give their own stories and experiences. That’s all I would do I hope you enjoyed bye and keep cooking.

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A New Recipe!

Hey guys how are you? Today we are cooking something it’s called (cue drum roll) badabada bum! The Pita Party yay! Okay. Lets jump straight into this but first here are two websites that give cool cooking Cooking Tips

Here are even more This One Is Longer

Here is The Pita Party

Ingredients/tools JLS Photography – Alaska via CompfightBon Appetite!

  • pita bread

  • cream cheese

  • fig

  • rotisserie chicken

  • butter

  • pan

  • knife

  • cutting board


First get the pan out and lay it on stove. Place two pieces of pita bread on top. Put the temperature low. Once the pita bread turns brown, put it onto your plate. Then pull out your cutting board and the rotisserie chicken. Chop off a 3rd of one of chickens sides and place butter on the stove. Mmmm! Don’t you just love that sizzle. Next you are going to place the chicken inside the pan. After that, get your cream cheese and fig out. Are you ready spread the cream cheese on the pita bread? Spread the fig as well but not too much with the fig. It will over power the meal. Now you go back to the chicken and put on one of the pieces of pita bread. Tada! You have made a pita party yay.

Thank you for reading tell me what you think of the pita party. Thanks and keep cooking.


The Color Thief

One cool fall morning a boy awakes with a chill he got out of bed and goes downstairs the creaky black stairs squeal when the boy stepped on them. He arrived downstairs expecting a welcome but he was greeted by silence. He noticed he was not in his house it was a building that had a bedroom exactly like his it was a warehouse. The boys name was Dakota he thought hard where am I, why am I here? Dakota asked one question that lingered and he thought about the longest then he said it out loud what do I do?

How did you like the story? Did you want to read more?

I want you to try to think of your own end and post it in the comments thanks and keep on cooking:).For those who thirst and are weary.......Creative Commons License Ian Sane via Comp fight

About my mini me

This is me well kinda it´s a mini version. I made him to represent me. He represents me by well the first reason is kinda obvious (hint look his clothes) Did you get it he looks like a chef! Yeah, I know it´s ¨amazing¨  but he loves cooking. He always loves looking good like the real me that way whenever he needs to cook he does so in style! That’s really it about my mini me hope you enjoyed this short little blog bye and keep cooking.

Doppel Me